Monetary Benefits

Academic Scholarship

In recognition of their excellent and sterling academic performance, the following shall be granted scholarship with tuition fee discounts:

  1. Most Outstanding Student ( Nursery, Kinder, Grades 1–6 ) – Half Tuition
  2. Elementary Valedictorian/ First Honors – Full tuition + Free Books
  3. Grade 7-11 President’s Awardees – Full Tuition + Free Books
  4. Elementary Salutatorian/ Second Honors – Half tuition
  5. Grade 7 – 11 Second President’s Awardees – Half tuition


Other than academic, the following shall be granted tuition fee discounts:

  1. 50% discount for a child of an employee of Rosario Institute
  2. 5% discount for students who pay in full
  3. 20% discount to one of two brother(s), sister(s); 40% discount to one, if three; and 100% discount to one, if four. (Not applicable if ESC Grantee – for JHS & Voucher Program Beneficiary for SHS)
  4. 100% and 50% discounts for working students and student assistants respectively.
  5. 20% discount to the relative of an employee up to 4th degree of consanguinity and affinity.

Educational Service Contracting (for Junior High School)

To date, the school is proud to be accommodating more than 400 ESC-FAPE grantees (Educational Service Contracting – Fund for Assistance to Private Education) as per Republic Act No. 6728. Under this scheme, the Department of Education pays the school fees equivalent to the per student cost in the public school. The school collects from the contract student an additional amount equivalent to the balance.

Financially-handicapped but deserving students are the preference of this program.

Details of this are available at the Office of the Principal/School Registrar.

DepEd Senior High School Voucher Program

The program provides financial assistance to Public and Private JHS who are qualified voucher recipients.