Rosario Institute offers an excellent academic, moral, social, and spiritual standard assuring that your child will develop intellectual prowess, good values and proper conduct, in  and out the classroom.

Our young learners will grow in an environment that follows our national motto: “For God, People, Nature and Country”. We see to it that every child will grow into responsible, kind, and respectful community individuals.

Watch the video above to get a glimpse of how young Rosarians typically spend their day here at the institution.



Our classroom for young learners is spacious and well-ventilated. Our educators motivate our learners to study by initiating fun activities.


Our bookshelf is filled with educational readings that learners will surely enjoy.


Our educators prepare several writing and reading activities that will help the children visualize their lessons.

We make sure that interactivity is always a part of the lesson.


These young learners can enjoy their break-time using the indoor swing with slide


We also have a mini-birthday nook and schedule of activities.


(NOTE: For Academic year 2020-2021, ROSARIO INSTITUTE implements distance learning until the Department of Education, Department of Health, IATF and national government announces that it is safe to conduct face-to-face classes.)