Rosario Institute is a home to numerous facilities and departments namely: Practical Arts Building, Technology & Home Economics Building, Clinic, Property Custodian Room, Storage Room, Canteen, separate comfort rooms for boys and girls, basketball & volleyball court, and a two-room building between canteen and the main building.

To add more facilities for the students, Rosario Institute constructed a Covered Court – an open space with galvanized iron roof with ceiling fans where students can stay while waiting for their next activity. A wide cemented flower boxes along the main building and around the flagpole to add to the aesthetic sense.

Since the Board has resolved to organize and to operate new curriculum course in the like of a Pre-Elementary and elementary Programs, development plans have been conceived of – some are waiting to be acted upon, but the most relevant and most important ones are given the immediate attention.

In line with the envisioned new curriculum course, Rosario Institute has the following additions and changes with regards to the campus development:


Phase 1

  1. The construction of a two-storey building to accommodate the following: Eight (8) classrooms and separate comfort rooms for girls and boys
  2. Elevation of school ground level at the back of the main building for the playground.

Phase 2

  1. Construction of additional building to house the following: additional four (4) classrooms for the Junior and Senior High, computer room, faculty room, Assistant Principal’s office and spacious canteen
  2. Enhancement of school façade

Other facilities:

Conference Rooms

In front of the admin office is our air-conditioned conference room where special meetings are held. This room has a round table for discussion and a 48-inch television for presentations.

A separate conference room can be found inside the library, just beside the Office of the Vice Principal.


Covered Court

After entering the gates of Rosario Institute, a huge open space with galvanized iron roof will welcome the visitors on the right side. In order to accommodate various school activities, Rosario Institute constructed its own covered court.

Located here is the main stage, where most of the announcements are held. Students are also gathered here for flag ceremonies and other major activities such as Moving up Ceremony/Recognition Day and Commencement Exercises.

Student athletes also spend most of their time here during their trainings. Here, basketball players can practice their shoots and dunks using our two portable basketball hoops. Moreover, volleyball players can also use the net to practice their spikes and blocks.




Our school library aims to provide various learning resources to the learners which can help them with their home works, individual activities, group activities and researches.  It also houses the Office of the Vice Principal (Senior High School).

Aside from the glass tables where students can review their lessons, we also have a lounging area where the young learners can comfortably read their favorite book or spend some time during breaks.

We have a variety of printed sources such as text books, encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers among many others.

Our library also has five computer units that can be used by the students for their online sources.

Students are free to borrow such sources with the permission from the school librarian.



The children can purchase their work books at our bookstore. They can also buy certain school materials such as papers, pens and envelopes. Our bookstore also offers photocopying services.



To ensure that our learners get the proper nutrition that they need, we have a canteen where they can buy their snacks and meals.

We make sure that every meal that they prepare is healthy and at the same time affordable. They also offer various refreshments for the children.

The canteen is spacious and well-lit with several dining tables. We also have several canteen personnel that can accommodate to the needs of the children.

An additional canteen can be located at the new Placido Panahon Tintigan Hall.




Ensuring that each child will get an education with quality, excellence and difference, Rosario Institute is proud to have 35 fully air-conditioned classrooms with 40-inch television installed on each room. Aside from the 2 units of air condition on every room, it also has ceiling fans for additional comfort.

Our well-ventilated and well-lit classrooms make sure that every learner will be in a highly effective learning environment.

Since they spend most of their hours inside the classroom, we see to it that they are comfortable during discussions and activities and it can radiate positive vibes to support their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

We, at the institution, believe that every child should feel respected, accepted and loved inside their second home which is why we only provide the best for them.



Computer Laboratories

A total of 70 computers are made available at two of our fully air-conditioned computer laboratories- 35 units for Junior High School and another 35 units for Senior High School. This is to hone the technological skills of each learner. Each computer has the necessary programs for class discussions such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power point and Adobe applications such as Photoshop. Internet is also available strictly for research purposes only.

Here, we have three units of 48-inch televisions for demonstration purposes of the educators.



Science Laboratories

With the supervision of their teachers, students can have their scientific experiments at our three science laboratories, fully equipped with laboratory apparatuses and physical models such as the anatomical model. It also houses one 48-inch television for discussions on each laboratory.

Our laboratory apparatuses, such as beakers, flasks and test tubes are safely kept inside the cabinet and are thoroughly monitored after every use.

Before handling the equipment, the teacher will discuss the use and function of each for safety precautions. Proper uniform is also strictly observed inside the laboratory.



What better way to relax than enjoy the beauty of nature?

Our students can spend some of their break time in our garden that has several stone chairs and tables available for sitting.


Rosario Institute assures every parent that each corner of our institution will create a positive learning environment for their child. Our institution sees to it that we can foster academic excellence of every student by providing them the best learning setting that they truly deserve.

From the moment that they step in the gates of our institution, they would feel a welcoming vibe that can inspire them to become the best version of themselves.

Rosario Institute is more than just a school; it is a community of future leaders and more importantly, a family away from home.