Academic Services


 Center for Guidance and Counseling

The school has a Center for Guidance and Counseling which takes care of matters related to the students’ mental and social behavior.

Admission and placement tests are administered by the school under the direction of the Guidance Center. Test profile and individual card jackets are kept on all students dating from Nursery, Kinder, Grades 1 – 6, Grades 7-12.

Guidance and Counseling are available to students for the development of their personality and the maximum utilization of their potentials. It helps in bringing about effective improvement in teaching and studying.

Medical Services

The school clinic is a first aid clinic meant to respond to the student’s first aid and/or emergency requirements. Bona fide students enrolled may avail themselves of free medical consultation for first aid and/or emergency cases to the School Physician.  The parent/guardian must ask for a referral from the School Principal.

Dental Services

The school also offers the following services for free:

  1. Oral examination or consultation
  2. Emergency dental treatment


The students may avail themselves of the library resources and services. At present, it possesses thousands of well-selected volumes. There are foreign and local periodicals and newspapers received through subscriptions. This collection affords opportunity for every student to find literature on his own and other fields for research work, reference, reading, and study.

The growth of the library is assured by regular appropriations for additions as well as donations from educational foundations.


Textbooks, school supplies, and educational equipment are available at the Bookstore adjacent to the Office of the Principal.


The canteen is provided to meet the nutritional needs of the students, faculty members and personnel of the institution. Refreshments and lunch are available at reasonable prices.

Everybody is enjoined to maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the canteen and in the campus.

Sports Facilities

Rosario Institute has the facilities necessary for the indoor and outdoor games. Athletic equipment for table games, volleyball, and basketball are available to all students. The school affords a wide quadrangle for the court and track facilities.

The school sponsors and coordinates all sports activities in which all students are encouraged to participate. Its intramural program gives them the opportunity to develop athletic skills learned in the basic physical training program.

Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs

The administrative assistant for student affairs is in charge of the nonacademic aspects of student life.


CHILD PROTECTION COMMITTEE  (DepEd Order No.  40, s. 2012)


School   Head/Administrator

School Guidance Counselor

Representative of Teachers

Representative of Parents

Representative of Students

Representative of Community