School Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations

These regulations are not meant to be exhaustive. Since they are promulgated by the school authorities, the school reserves the right to add, interpret, amend, supplement, and apply these rules. The school authorities feel themselves to be the best judges of what is, or what satisfactory performance is not.

  1.      Students are not allowed to enter the campus without their proper ID. The ID should be worn by the students at all times while in the school. The ID should be free from any sort of decoration, drawing and writing. Alterations and habitual non-display, etc. may be subjected to confiscation and the student shall be required to apply for a new one. Non-wearing of ID will incur a penalty for or a fine from a student.
  2.      Students not wearing the prescribed uniform will not be allowed to enter the campus. No admission slip will be issued for improper uniform, except for highly meritorious cases. The Principal is personally responsible for the issuance of excuse/admission slip for improper uniform.
  3.      Dyed hair is not allowed.
  4.      Required haircut for boys is 1″ x 2″ . Styles like mushroom cut, devil-cut and the likes and unshaved sideburns are not allowed.
  5.      Wearing of earrings for boys and big and long dangling earrings for girls are strictly prohibited.
  6.  Wearing of bull cap is not allowed. Violation will result in confiscation of such.
  7.      Students shall always keep the school clean. They should not spit or throw pieces of paper, bottles, or other objects on the ground or through the window, nor should they damage any school property.
  8.      Unauthorized removal of official notices and posters from the bulletin boards and other similar offenses, or other acts which violate the school’s stand on cleanliness and sanitation are prohibited.
  9.      The classroom should be kept neat, clean, and orderly at all times with clean floor, blackboard, and well-arranged chairs. Eating, chewing gum, drinking, and playing in the classroom are strictly prohibited.
  10.   Students are not allowed to enter/stay in the faculty room and other restricted offices without any valid reason.
  11.   Students are not allowed inside the classroom during vacant periods, unless it is raining. They are also prohibited to stay in the campus during weekends and off school days unless they are required to.
  12. Students should not stay idle in the library during their vacant hours. The library is a place for study and research. Silence, cleanliness, and orderliness should be observed always.  Students are not allowed to bring/use cellular phones inside the library.
  13. Students shall at all times exercise due diligence in the care of books and other property.
  14. Students are not allowed to bring pentel pen, liquid eraser and the like unless they are required to.
  1. Binders, loose-leaf notebooks, over decorated and nasty bags are not allowed.
  2. Silence and order shall be maintained at all times in the classroom, corridors, and waiting sheds.
  3. Unbecoming conduct such as running, shouting, whistling, and boisterous laughter are not permissible in corridors, classrooms, canteen, and library.
  4. During class hours, students should be attentive and cooperative and should refrain from doing  things or any activity which is not connected with the lesson and may distract the whole class.
  5. Silence and order must be kept in the lavatories to avoid damages. Playing, pushing, throwing water or anything similar is not allowed.
  6. A student shall be required to replace any damage he/she has caused.
  7. Playing which involves strenuous activities before classes as well as during recess time is absolutely forbidden.
  8. Student activities in the name of the school shall be organized with the permission of the Principal.
  1. It is expected that the student should respect each other. Jokes that are offensive in character must be avoided.
  2. Students should give due respect to the Security Guards and other authorized student leaders on duty. Loitering at the Guard House is strictly prohibited.
  3. No student may leave the classroom during a class session without proper permission from the subject teacher.
  4. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises even during recess without the permission of the Principal. Those leaving the campus without permission or who are guilty of cutting classes will be subjected to disciplinary action.
  5. Any student who for unavoidable cause is obliged to be absent from any class, on his return to school must present the “Excuse slip booklet” duly signed by his/her parents/guardian.
  6. Parents/Guardians and other callers should not interrupt classes to see any student/teacher. They should go to the Office of the Principal for permission/appointment.
  7. Violations of rules and regulations not included in the list of major offenses are considered minor, thus making the offended party punishable by temporary suspension from classes or other disciplinary measures.
  8. Students who may commit major offenses may be dropped or expelled from school. (See list of major offenses)
  9. Girls are not allowed to use cosmetic products (i.e. lipstick, lip shiner, foundation, nail polish, eye shadow, mascara, eyebrow pencil, and the like) Habitual disregard of this policy will subject to disciplinary action.
  10. Sitting on the window sills and stairways is not allowed.
  11. Students are required to bring their textbooks at all times. They should not leave them in the classroom or in any other places unattended.
  12. Students are not allowed to stay at or enter the computer laboratories, if they have no classes.
  1. All articles found, like books, notebooks, umbrellas, etc., must be turned over to the school Property Custodian.
  2. Picking of flowers and destroying the plants are strictly prohibited.
  3. Elementary and Junior High School students are not allowed to bring cellular phone, discman, and the like. Violation of this rule will result to confiscation.
  4. Deliberate nonperformance of commitments and assigned tasks, duties, and responsibilities during school activities will be given disciplinary action.
  5. Shaving or plucking of eyebrows for girls is not allowed.